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The Evolution of Music Playing Formats [Infographic]

In light of Sony retiring the Walkman Cassette player today, I thought it would be neat to put together a Infographic representing some of the history of audio recording formats. In my generation, vinyl records and cassette tapes were the norm although I remember my Father’s love of his reel-to-reel. However there is much more history beyond that… and how far we come!

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Our Dog Jody: R.I.P.

It is with sadness that I announce that our dog, Jody, passed away yesterday. She was about 10 - 11 years old as we are not sure of her birth date, only her adoption date. Jody met her fate after getting into some rat poison which she mistook for something to chew on....

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The Things We Do To Protect Our Grand-Babies

We (my wife mostly) watch our grand-babies, Andy – 2yrs. old and Jadyn – 1 yr. old, at least three times a week while their mother works. My daughter being a single a mom, we are glad to help out as the costs of daycare can be enormous.

That being said, we have literally transformed portions of our home to keep these precious little ones safe. I thought it would be interesting to provide a peek at what we actually have to do every time these little ones are with us.

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Netflix: You Are Driving Me Away!

I have always been a huge fan of Netflix. What’s not to like about them – get as many DVDs as you can watch delivered by mail for a very reasonable price. Add to that the ability to live stream movies via your PC, specific set-top devices and even some TVs and it is a match made in heaven for any lover of media on DVDs.

Unfortunately as of late, Netflix has been driving me away. I have been courting another DVD rental “lover” and that is Redbox. “What can possibly be the problem,” you might ask? Just look at my current queue of DVDs I’m waiting on.

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U2 360 Tour Comes To University of Phoenix Stadium

After many years of wanting to see U2 live but always missing the opportunity (concerts sell out), I finally got to see themalong with my lovely wife Irma in their biggest, baddest show yet – U2 360. Tuesday, October 20th at the Cardinals stadium is where it all took place and although the show here didn’t sell out (Phoenix you suck), there were about 55,000 in attendance.

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Property Tax Review Board (PTRB): Is It a Scam?

This post is specifically for residents in Arizona but who knows if this scam is not going on elsewhere throughout the country. A company called "Property Tax Review Board" or PTRB for short is sending out letters promising homeowners that they can help homeowners...

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Sold: Marshall AVT 275 2×12 Combo Guitar Amplifier

I recently purchased a Vox Custom Classic AC15CC1 Guitar Amp so the Marshall Guitar Amp I’ve been using for the last several years has to go. Because I’m running POD XT Live effects, I no longer need the four channels as well as all the effects that the Marshall amplifier offers. So she’s up for sale.

If you are looking for a 150 watt Marshall Combo amp, this is your chance to get one at about two-thirds of what you’d pay for it brand new.

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Our First Hot Air Balloon Ride

In celebration of our 18th wedding anniversary, Irma and myself decided to do something we had both desired to accomplish for some time – to ride in a hot air balloon. We did just that this last Monday where we reached heights of up to 4,300 feet and lows just above the rooftops of Anthem homes.

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Magnificent Cover of U2′s “Magnificent”

I just love the song “Magnificent” of U2’s new album, No Line on the Horizon. That is why I was thrilled to come across this very well done cover of the song done in “acoustic style.” It is really phenominal that the guitarist can play and sing the song at the same time.

It appears from the URL that is included in video that the trio is a band from Brazil called “Lunares.”

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