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Netflix – You Need To Increase Your Inventory!

I love Netflix – the ease of ordering DVDs online and getting them in your mail box. However, I am a bit disappointed in Netflix today. I checked my queue which displays all the DVDs that I have slatted to arrive soon, and 10 out of the first 15 have “waits” on them. In other words, Netflix does not have enough inventory to supply me so I have to wait for other members to return DVDs.

My Top 10 All-Time Favorite Movies List

It is difficult to pick just ten from all the great movies that have ever been made, but here is my current top ten list – My Top 10 All-Time Favorite Movies List.

Led Zeppelin Succumbs To Internet Demand

Although they haven’t toured since the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980, Led Zeppelin has always maintained their status as one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. Let’s face it, you cannot listen to a classical rock radio station without hearing a least a handful of their hits each day.