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Archive of DBCC Worship Sets

Archive of DBCC Worship Sets

Here is an archive of Desert Breeze Community Church Worship sets which recorded decently (not all do) in which I was part of the team. Each video should begin at or near the start of the set itself.

The Evolution of Music Playing Formats [Infographic]

In light of Sony retiring the Walkman Cassette player today, I thought it would be neat to put together a Infographic representing some of the history of audio recording formats. In my generation, vinyl records and cassette tapes were the norm although I remember my Father’s love of his reel-to-reel. However there is much more history beyond that… and how far we come!

Netflix: You Are Driving Me Away!

Netflix: You Are Driving Me Away!

I have always been a huge fan of Netflix. What’s not to like about them – get as many DVDs as you can watch delivered by mail for a very reasonable price. Add to that the ability to live stream movies via your PC, specific set-top devices and even some TVs and it is a match made in heaven for any lover of media on DVDs.

Unfortunately as of late, Netflix has been driving me away. I have been courting another DVD rental “lover” and that is Redbox. “What can possibly be the problem,” you might ask? Just look at my current queue of DVDs I’m waiting on.

U2 360 Tour Comes To University of Phoenix Stadium

After many years of wanting to see U2 live but always missing the opportunity (concerts sell out), I finally got to see themalong with my lovely wife Irma in their biggest, baddest show yet – U2 360. Tuesday, October 20th at the Cardinals stadium is where it all took place and although the show here didn’t sell out (Phoenix you suck), there were about 55,000 in attendance.

Our First Hot Air Balloon Ride

In celebration of our 18th wedding anniversary, Irma and myself decided to do something we had both desired to accomplish for some time – to ride in a hot air balloon. We did just that this last Monday where we reached heights of up to 4,300 feet and lows just above the rooftops of Anthem homes.

Human Flight Getting Closer Every Day

Have you ever dreamed of flying? I’m not referring to airplanes, balloons or even hang gliders but to fly as the birds do would be simply fantastic. Good news for such enthusiasts is that there are several companies that are working hard to make such a dream a reality.

U2 – A Diary: New Book Chronicalling the Life of U2

The band U2 has always been one of my favorites. From Bono’s superb singing voice to Edge’s unique guitar playing style to the quality and substance of their music, they have always thrilled me with their music and performances. Now a new book has been authored by my very good friend, Matt McGee that details all of the relevant day-to-day events that have shaped U2 into the band it is today.

Is an Amusement Park Finally Coming To Arizona?

For years there have been rumors that a major amusement park would be built in Arizona. Recently it was speculated that Six Flags had bought land somewhere north of New River Arizona and was planning on building an amusement park. It was a rumor. There have also been rumors that an all-indoor park was being planned. Now there is news that a group is planning on building a park somewhere between Phoenix and Tucson.

Netflix Credits Customer Accounts 15% – Is It Enough?

If you are not one of the 8 million subscribers that Netflix currently has, you may or may not have heard about the DVD rental giant’s disaster last week when their shipping system all but died. It all started last Tuesday when Netflix reported a technical glitch that prevented them from sending out DVDs to subscribers.

20 All Time Most Memorable Movie Characters

I have seen a lot of great movies in my time. Interesting story lines, amazing cinematography, incredibly suspenseful, out of this world funny and the like. One thing I really enjoy besides these elements is intriguing characters that are acted out extremely well. With that, I give you my all-time top list of favorite movie characters.