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Horse Limousine?

Okay, I’ve seen some pretty wild stretch limousines in my time — everything from Hummers to PT Cruisers. But a horse stretch limo?

The Coffee Lover’s Prayer

I love coffee. In fact, I often joke that I hook myself up to a coffee IV before I get out of bed each morning, which of course is not true. However, it is true that the first thing I do each morning is make a pot of java.

If You Are Under 30 Years Old – You’re Spoiled!

For those of you who are over 30, do you recall the days of our youth when our parents used to tell us how hard they had it when they were our age? They’d say things like, “When I was young, I had to walk to school barefoot, in the snow and uphill – both ways.” Heck, I used to tell my kids that very same thing, jokingly of course.

Proper Drive-Thru Etiquette

We all use drive-thrus – fast food, banks and even pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS. I love the convenience – I can make a deposit at the bank, pick up a prescription and grab some Super Tacos at Jack in the Box, all while in my pajamas. What spoils the whole experience of a drive-thru? Those who are either too stupid or just too self absorbed to follow what I like to call “proper drive-thru etiquette.”

So Glad I Don’t Work in Corporate World

The following is a humorous and somewhat exaggerated look at typical corporate policy. However with some corporate environments, this is not far off. Makes me happy that I work for a small company where I am the head honcho. Enjoy!

Cat Wigs?

I’ve heard of pet clothes but wigs for cats? Sadly, it is true. You can buy this wig for $50 as well as three other colors from Kitty Wigs. I wonder how they stay on as my cat would strongly protest and have it off in seconds. 😉

Rules For Pets To Live By

For all of you who have either a cat or dog or both living inside your home, here are some rules for them to live by (yeah right). Make sure you post them in a very low place, such as the refrigerator door, about snout height. Here we go.