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About David

David WallaceI am the founder and CEO of SearchRank, a full service search marketing firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, where I was born, raised and still reside today.

Although my profession is a search marketer, that is not what defines me as a person. I am a Christian first, a family man second and then by profession a search marketer.

Therefore my first devotion is to the faith and relationship I have in Jesus Christ. My second devotion belongs to my lovely wife, Irma followed by our three wonderful children. After these most important things and in no particular order, my passion and interests are search marketing, music (as both musician and lover of music), classic cars, blogging, roller coasters and all things Disney, especially Disneyland – the original theme park. These of course are not my only interests and passions but some of the main ones that dominate my life.

I have set this blog up so I can write about anything and everything, something that I cannot always do at my company blog.

Some of the other places you can find me online are as follows: