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While we are still learning how to deal with the Covid 19 Pandemic, one thing is certain and that is this: the vast majority of government and medical experts have done a very poor job managing this pandemic.

Sure there are those like Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, and even our own Doug Ducey that have done a decent job managing the pandemic, but then there are the Andrew Cuomos, the Gavin Newsoms, the Gretchen Whitmers, and even the current White House administration, whose actions and responses to the pandemic have been less than stellar.

While we have learned a lot about this virus and what works and what doesn’t, having basic common sense is a valuable asset when making decisions about your own health as well as those closest to you. Unfortunately, I’m seeing a lack of common sense among so many Americans. The mass have truly become sheep (sheeples) in that they blindly follow the advice and rules given to them by guides that are blind themselves.

This leads me to ask several “common sense” questions on a variety of topics. Keep in mind that I’m no expert on the issues of health, U.S. foreign policy, global commerce and even the inner workings of government. Any remedies or solutions I offer are merely derived by my Biblical world view as well as how I see the situation. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and you know what… that’s okay.

If Covid 19 Originated From Wuhan, Why Do We Still Trade With China?

If this is true, and more and more evidence is coming out every day that it is, then the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has unleased one of the deadliest viruses in recent history to the entire world. Whether “on purpose” or not, this is serious infraction that the CCP has committed against all humanity.

What I don’t understand is, “why are we (United States) still conducting any type of commerce/trading with China?” I know it is a lot more complex than simply deciding that we will never import anything from China again or utilize any of the cheap Chinese labor offered to U.S. manufacturers (cough, cough Nike), but in all seriousness, why do we continue to trade with a country that is our enemy?

If we stopped trading with China, it would have to hurt their bottom line, no? Sure it would affect the United States as well, namely big corporation profits, but again, the CCP who controls China is our enemy. Common sense would dictate that if an enemy is actively attacking you, and the CCP is doing just that with this virus as well as the many other things they do (cyber warfare, spying, theft of intellectual property, etc.), then you don’t conduct commerce with them at the same time, especially if it is to the enemy’s advantage.

Unfortunately I don’t have much confidence that the current White House administration will do anything that is necessary to hold the CCP accountable but to me, the common sense thing to do would be to work towards getting everything we get from China from someone else or even better, make it ourselves.

Why Should We Trust Anything the CDC, WHO or the White House Tells Us?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and even the White House (including Dr. Fauci) have been wrong so many times regarding the Covid 19 virus, and have even practiced deception as they politicize the pandemic for their own benefit.

I won’t take time here to expose all the lies, deception, missteps and mis-information these organizations are responsible for. David Marcus does a good job of that in his book Charade: The Covid Lies That Crushed A Nation. What I will say though is that my common sense leads me to be suspect of ANYTHING the CDC, WHO or Joe Biden’s White House tells us. The old adage, “Lie to me once, shame on you; lie to me twice, shame on me” comes to mind.

Some of the most recent “guidance” from the CDC that fully vaccinated people should still wear masks indoors in certain situations is the latest “flip-flop” of information that is even baffling and upsetting many of my liberal friends. Prior to this we were told to get vaccinated and then we can ditch the mask, get back to our normal lives. Now many in the Covid fear monger camp are promoting mask mandates and vaccine passports.

For this U.S. citizen, the CDC, WHO and Joe Biden’s White House have zero credibility. I will take anything that they say with a grain of salt.

What Is Really Behind the Push to Be Vaccinated?

It is bewildering to me that the same Democratic party that believes that a woman has a choice over her body as to whether a child she conceived can live to see the light of day or be aborted are the same people that are aggressively pushing Covid 19 vaccines, whether an individual wants the vaccine or not. While bewildering, it doesn’t surprise me. While most politicians are complete hypocrites, Democrats seem to be the worst.

They’ve gone from, “We won’t take any vaccine that Donald Trump is responsible for,” to now considering vaccine passports required if you want to live any normal kind of life, such as going to a restaurant, working out at a gym, or even going to the grocery store. In between the two drastic positions have been governments offering monetary incentives, public shaming and even going as far as to label un-vaccinated people as criminals.

This leads me to question what is really behind this push to force a vaccine that has yet to receive FDA approval upon every American, whether they want or even need it.

Could it be that Big Pharm has gotten rich for so long keeping people on medication and this is the current Gold Rush for them? I’ve heard reports that several new Billionaires have been created within the Big Pharm because of the money thrown at them to develop Covid 19 vaccines. And if they can convince people that they need a “booster” shot each year due to other Covid 19 variants, well that is what I call “residual income.”

What about Corporate America? I was kind of shocked (well, not really) that Disney came out so quickly that all of their salaried and non-union employees must be vaccinated against Covid 19 within 60 days and that they are negotiating with the unions to enforce the same policy on Disney union employees.

This move by Disney as well as many others that are following suite shows just how much power corporate America process. Want a livelihood so you can survive? Then take the vaccine! This a dangerous precedent where large corporations can rule over the health of those they employ. What are we – cattle?

Or is it just more government overreach into our lives? I appreciate leaders like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has really done a great job from what I’ve witnessed in getting vaccines out early to those who need them most and then making them available to anyone who wants them, as each individual so choses. Many leaders have taken similar actions, including our own Governor, Doug Ducey, respecting the rights of Americans to choose what is best fro their health.

Then we have those in government (cough cough Democrats) who want to force vaccines on us, require us to wear masks even when the science says it’s not necessary, shut down our business, force us to stay inside, essentially have complete control over our lives. How do these type of people even get elected to office?

Think about it – between Big Pharm, Corporate America, Federal and local government and throw into the mix Big Tech, an individual could essentially be “erased” or rendered “insignificant” with no ability to earn a wage, participate in any type of commerce or social activity and even have their voice silenced in social media and search, all because they choose what and what not to put into their bodies. This is so fundamentally wrong and not what America is supposed to be.

Next Steps?

If you are concerned as I am at the current state of a world that seems to be losing its mind over Covid 19, what steps can we take to help common sense prevail?

While as an individual I can do next to nothing about the massive amount of cheap Chinese products that are imported into the United States, I can as a consumer try to buy products that are NOT made in China. It’s hard to do, but not impossible. If enough U.S. consumers begin the practice of not buying anything made in China, it could possibly put a dent into what is imported.

Additionally, U.S. based businesses that currently utilize cheap Chinese labor (cough, cough, Nike) could stop that practice and utilize the cheap labor that many other countries besides China offer or even manufacture products here in the U.S.

Until companies and individuals wake up and recognize that China is an enemy to the United States, they will continue in their push for world domination.

We need to recognize that as American citizens, we have freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution. Much of the government overreach we are seeing is unconstitutional and will certainly see a fair share a legal battles challenging government infringing on the rights of American citizens. Aside from legal battles, we as Americans can simply resist and refuse to allow the government to violate our basic freedoms.

You know what else we can do? We can elect people to office that will actually serve the best interests of the people. I mean seriously, how does someone like Nancy Pelosi, who is currently serving her 18th term in the House of Representatives, stay in office? If we want better leaders, we have to be awake enough to recognize who they are and then vote them into office.

Finally, if you are of Christian faith as I am, we can watch and pray. And remember where our citizenship truly lies:

20 But our citizenship is in Heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, 21 who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.

Philippians 3:20-21 [ESV]

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