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When I was growing up as a kid, we actually went outside and did stuff. You know, things like ride bikes, play baseball, explore the desert around us. I did not spend all my time in front of the idiot box or exhaust endless hours playing video games. There was no Facebook, Twitter of even a computer in our house.

That being said, we did have an Atari console. And while most time aside from school, sleep, homework, eating, etc., was spent “doing stuff,” some of that time included playing Atari games. That is why the infographic below brought back some memories for me. It is a timeline of Atari history, both their ups and downs, all in celebration of their 40th birthday. We have certainly come a long way from the origins of Atari to today’s gaming systems and even modded game controllers.

So with no further ado, enjoy “Atari: 40 Years of Fun!.”


Courtesy of: Infographic Journal


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