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I have always been a huge fan of Netflix. What’s not to like about them – get as many DVDs as you can watch delivered by mail for a very reasonable price. Add to that the ability to live stream movies via your PC, specific set-top devices and even some TVs and it is a match made in heaven for any lover of media on DVDs.

Unfortunately as of late, Netflix has been driving me away. I have been courting another DVD rental “lover” and that is Redbox. “What can possibly be the problem,” you might ask? Just look at my current queue of DVDs I’m waiting on.

Netflix Queue
(right-click & select “view image” for larger version)

Notice that the top 11 selections ALL have either “long wait” or “very long wait” holds on them. In fact “Inglorious Bastards” has been in my queue with “very long wait” for months. What’s the deal Netflix?

Either two things are happening: Netflix has a very limited supply of DVDs on hand and cannot meet the demands of its subscriber base or they are moving more towards live-streaming and will eventually get out of the mail order business. Sadly, I feel it is the latter.

So, I have cut back my “3 at a time” to “2 at a time” and to be honest, if Netflix does not improve its service to their DVD mail-order rental customers, I may move my subscription service to “0 at a time.”

I’m not sure how the “waits” placed on mail-order DVDs operates. The way it should function, at least in my thinking, is the same way as any queue works whether that be standing in a line at the local grocery store or waiting for a customer service rep on the telephone. If I’m 20th in line then after 20 people have rented and returned Netflix’s supply of any particular title, I should get the next one.

Unfortunately I don’t think it works that way but rather when I return a DVD and am eligible for another, if one of my top picks is not in the inventory, I ain’t getting it. That my friend sucks!

Therefore, we have been doing a lot of Redbox as of late, at least for new titles. And I have to say, Netflix’s inability to keep up with demand is only helping this new competitor become a viable threat to them.

How about it, Netflix? Are you listening? I can’t be the only long-time lover who feels jilted as of late. The real question: are you going to do anything about it?


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