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Marshall AVT 275Postscript: Finally sold this amp. Leaving this post up as an archive. 😉

I recently purchased a Vox Custom Classic AC15CC1 Guitar Amp so the Marshall Guitar Amp I’ve been using for the last several years has to go. Because I’m running POD XT Live effects, I no longer need the four channels as well as all the effects that the Marshall amplifier offers. So she’s up for sale.

If you are looking for a 150 watt Marshall Combo amp, this is your chance to get one at about two-thirds of what you’d pay for it brand new.

The Details

The amp is loaded with 2 x 12-inch 100W Celestion speakers, paired with the 150W (75 watt per speaker) Valvestate amplifier in a combo unit. This amp features 2 x 12ax7 preamp tubes as well as solid-state poweramp circuitry. There are 16 onboard FX channels, including several reverbs, delay, chorus, flange, and various permutations.

The amp features 4 channels – Acoustic Simulator, Clean, OD1 and OD2 along with 2 EQ sections – one for the clean channels, one for the OD channels. There is one Master volume, and one master presence knob. FX send/return, headphone out, mono/stereo emulated line out for direct recording.

Marshall Guitar Amp - AVT 275

Includes power cable, 6 button LED footswitch to select channel and engage/disengage effects and original manual.

This Marshall functions like new but there is some wear and tear on unit itself from light gigging (few scratches in vinyl on back and small tear on bottom).

Marshall Guitar Amplifier - AVT 275

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