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For years there have been rumors that a major amusement park would be built in Arizona. Recently it was speculated that Six Flags had bought land somewhere north of New River Arizona and was planning on building an amusement park. It was a rumor. There have also been rumors that an all-indoor park was being planned. Now there is news that a group is planning on building a park somewhere between Phoenix and Tucson.

The group, One Dream, One Team, plans to build a 350-acre park near Florence. The group says the park, called Coyote Canyon, will be themed on Arizona history and geography. Roller coasters, rides and entertainment would center on five districts: Old West, Indian High Country, Rocks and River County, Canyon Country and the Central Corridor (representing the Valley’s metro area and where hotels, shopping and office space would be located). Rides could also include a roller coaster that dives underground, where thrill seekers would plunge into a “canyon.”

The group chose Florence because it’s between the two cities and because of the area’s Old West history. The group’s CEO says estimates show the park costing $600 million, but there are no plans to request public funding.

We will see if this comes to fruition or if it simply pans out to be another rumor. It would be awesome to have at least one decent roller coaster to ride on a regular basis within driving distance. A collection of coasters would be even better.


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