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I love Netflix – the ease of ordering DVDs online and getting them in your mail box. I am currently on the “3 at a time – unlimited” meaning I can have 3 DVDs out at any time and order as many as I can watch each month.

I have always bucked at Blockbuster’s online DVD rental service not only because I am still bitter for all the late fees they charged me over the years, but I also don’t like big companies who try to dominate the world (or at least their niche), stomping out all the little guys in the process.

However, I am a bit disappointed in Netflix today. I checked my queue which displays all the DVDs that I have slatted to arrive soon, and 10 out of the first 15 have “waits” on them. In other words, Netflix does not have enough inventory to supply me so I have to wait for other members to return DVDs.

See screen shot below.

My Netflix Queue

What do you see? 4 “short waits,” 5 “long waits” and 1 “very long wait.” This is not good. In fact it tempts me to cancel my membership and just give in to the behemoth – Blockbuster, where I know I can get these movies.

So, Netflix – please increase your inventory so this does not happen again. I am a brand evangelists for Netflix but if they cannot meet my needs…. well, hopefully it won’t come to that. 😉

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