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When conducting a vanity search today for my own name, I discovered that I have finally hit the top spot on Google. I think I’ve hit the # 1 spot on Yahoo! in the past – maybe even MSN. But really, who cares about them? Google has the vast majority of search market share so any good ranking with them is a big deal.

Am I being vain? Maybe a little. But then again, I am a search marketer by profession so to rank for my name, especially seeing that it is so common and held by many people that are a lot more famous than I am, is pretty cool.

Here is a screen shot of the listing:

David Wallace Search

The reason why this is so cool (besides being a search marketer) is that I, who am not famous at all, am competing against some pretty famous David Wallace’s. Here are just some of the famous David Wallace’s of the world.

And then there is of course David Wallace, the fictional character on the popular television series – The Office.

I don’t know how long I’ll hold that spot. I would assume as I continue to post stuff here and people link to it, this blog will carry more and more authority so there is a good chance I’ll hold the position for some time.

Why is this important? It isn’t. However it is pretty cool when potential clients question my ability as a search marketer and I can show them I rank number one for a very generic name.


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