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What is wrong with this picture? (no that is no groceries in the bag)

Walking the dog and holding their poopy in a bag

I was driving around today in my neighborhood and saw an older guy walking his dog, leash in one hand and bag of dog doodoo in the other. That is just so wrong. Not that the guy is being responsible and picking up after his dog but that the dog poops while walking in the first place.

I mean why do dogs think a walk means pooing and peeing every 1/2 mile or so? Can a dog be trained not to do that? I think so. In fact, I know so because my dog does not do it. When I walk my dog Jody, it is so we can get some exercise, take in the desert scenery and get some fresh air — not to poop and pee on everything!

So you won’t find me carrying a little bag of dog poop because I have trained my dog not to do that when we are walking. If she has to go, she can hold it in the same way I would expect her to if she was in the house.

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