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Now that we have a newborn in the house (our first grandson), I’m finding myself having to brush up a bit on how to properly care for him. Even though we have raised three children, it has been what seems like a lifetime since they were infants.

Caring for a child is a long journey, from changing their diapers, sending them to school, and looking for future security, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t look at the lighter side! I found a humorous look at this – what I’d call “how to care for babies for dummies” – represented in the 26 cartoons shown below. I am not sure who created them, but I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and maybe you’ll even learn a thing or two. 😉

Lifting baby

Nursing baby

Testing baby's bottle

Feeding baby

Checking baby's diaper

Changing baby's diaper

Containing baby

Bundling baby

Waking baby

Fun games for baby

Buckling up baby

Playing with baby

Playing with baby

Excercising with baby

Massaging baby

Washing baby

Drying baby

Helping baby teethe

Calming baby

Stimulating baby

Bonding with baby

Making baby smile

Introducing baby to pets

Clearing baby's nose

Choosing a babysitter

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