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We all use drive-thrus – fast food, banks and even pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS. I love the convenience – I can make a deposit at the bank, pick up a prescription and grab some Super Tacos at Jack in the Box, all while in my pajamas.

What spoils the whole experience of a drive-thru? Those who are either too stupid or just too self absorbed to follow what I like to call “proper drive-thru etiquette.”

Drive-thrusYou’ve seen them – people that have major banking problems and instead of going in to the counter, they decide to use the drive-thru and hold up those looking to get in and out quickly.

Or how about the people at a fast food drive-thru ordering for their family of ten or wanting to know how everything is made on the menu.

I even came across a person the other day at a CVS drive-thru who waited while their prescription is filled (you are supposed to drop it off and come back). I have two word for you kinds of people – you suck!

You either are absolutely clueless of what a drive-thru’s intentions are – quick access and convenience – or you are so self absorbed as to not care about anyone else but yourselves.

So for those of you who do care about how to properly use drive-thru and/or the fact that there are other people in the world besides yourselves, I present to you my idea of proper drive-thru etiquette.

Fast Food

1. If you do not know the difference between a Whopper and a Big Mac, please go inside. In other words, don’t request an education of the menu while others are waiting behind you.

2. If ordering for twenty gazillion people, please go inside where they can take and fulfill other people’s orders while they gather together most of the crew to complete yours.

3. When receiving your order, please pull forward when you are doing things like making sure everything is there, adjusting your seat belt, putting your wallet away or whatever else you do for the next 3 minutes after you have already received your order.

4. At night, when behind someone else, please turn off your headlights. Do you really need to glare your headlights into the back windows of people cars? Just don’t forget to turn them back on before hitting the road again.


1. When dropping off a prescription, leave. Don’t wait for it even if they say it will be fifteen minutes. We all know very well that it takes some time for Pharmacists to sort out the correct amount of pills from the larger bottle into the smaller ones.

2. When asked if you need to speak to the Pharmacist for your order, please decline or you will be waiting another 5-10 minutes, holding up the line behind you. The instructions are already contained with the prescription. Having a Pharmacist come over only makes them feel more like doctors.

3. When picking up a dozen or more prescriptions, please go inside. You know you need to pick up a cart-load of non-prescription items anyway.

Banks and Financial Institutions

1. Make sure you already have your own pen and deposit slips. Otherwise, go inside.

2. Along with that, please make sure you have properly endorsed your checks before depositing, otherwise, the teller will send them back.

3. My biggest pet peeve of bank drive-thrus – they are not the place to sort out things like credit card disputes, discrepancies with your balance, you don’t like the color of checks that you ordered and other things like this.

4. If you own one of those big ol’ duelies (duel wheel truck), don’t even attempt to use the drive-thru. You’ll get stuck and damage your truck as well as the bank’s equipment and piss people off who are behind you. (yes I have seen this happen)

How about you, the reader? Can you think of anything to add to this list? If so, I’d love to get your feedback in the comments section. Go ahead… get it off your chest!

Okay, I feel much better now. 😉

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