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We have been enjoying a really decent Shiraz called Jakes Fault which we get at the local Trader Joe’s for about $5 a bottle. You would think that at $5 a bottle you’d sacrifice taste and experience but not so with this wine. It’s the kind of Shiraz that goes great with the evening meal or all by itself. Everytime we go to Trader Joe’s, we pick up like 6 bottles or so. In fact Irma is out getting some right now.

Here are the tasting notes:

A deep purple to ruby red color, this full-bodied, juicy, ripe Shiraz has just a hint of spice. Aromas of blueberry and black fruit mingle pleasantly with clove and sweet oak. The palate packs nice intensity, delivering jammy fruit flavors that keep on going.

The beauty of a California appellation is that Jake can source his Shiraz from the best appellations to make a consistent, easy-drinking wine every year. In 2004, the growing season got off to a quick start in California, with an early bud break and a warm spring. Temperatures were moderate much of the growing season, with a heat spell in early September that pushed ripeness to optimal levels. Outstanding flavor and color development, and round rich tannins were the result of great hang time on the vines.

It’s probably only a matter of time before the price increases. Therefore I’m enjoying it while I can. They also have a pretty cool viral video on YouTube.

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