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You just never know when your number is going to come up. We as humans can endure so many trials, hardships, sickness, and the like, however sometimes what seems like nothing can take us out. A blow to the head, choking on a small object, a simple sickness that turns fatal, or as in Cecil Pugh’s case, a stray bullet.

People die everyday in Phoenix by accidental means but how often does someone get killed by a stray bullet that was not even intentionally fired? I would venture to say that it is rare indeed and it clearly shows us how fragile life is. When I am driving around in Phoenix, I am mostly worried about getting into an auto accident. Yes, I also worry about being shot as shootings abound in Phoenix, but never have I worried that someone cleaning a gun in their home would end up shooting me. The brevity of life.

Cecil Pugh, a tow truck driver by profession, was transporting a vehicle at the time he was shot and killed by a man cleaning his rifle inside his home. Fire officials said a 50-year-old man was cleaning the weapon in his trailer near North 29th Avenue and Deer Valley Road when the rifle discharged. The bullet pierced through his blinds and window, shattered the windshield of the tow truck, and lodged in the left side of the passing driver’s forehead, killing him instantly.

What is even more ironic is I’m pretty sure Cecil provided towing services for me at one time. It was having my 67 Mustang towed to the shop about a year ago and I recall a really neat guy guy that looked a lot like Cecil. He thought my Stang was a beauty and took special car in loading her onto his flatbed tow truck. We discussed classic cars of which he had an interest in as well. When I saw this story on the news, they mentioned that Cecil had an interest in fixing up old cars which caused me to make the possible connection.

Whether I knew him or not, it is sad that someone’s life has to end this way. It should remind us that at any time our lives can terminate or be snatched from us. We should therefore be ready. How does one ready themselves?

My first and most important answer to this is to make sure you are in right standing with God. If you have not done this, I would recommend you check out God’s Plan for mankind. How we respond is the most important decision we will ever make. Secondly, one should live their life with no regrets. I recall a quote I saw on someone’s shirt a while back, “Live your life so that the preacher won’t have to lie at your funeral.” Essentially make the most of your short stay here on Earth. Pay close attention to the things that are most important such as family and friends.

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